After the conventions, Trump and Biden return to the campaign trail

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Without wasting time, Donald Trump found his way back to the presidential campaign on Friday the day after a very offensive Republican convention against Joe Biden, soon followed by his Democratic opponent who announced his comeback across the United States after months quasi-containment.

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The US president, a candidate for a second term but struggling in the polls, traveled to New Hampshire, a northeastern state he had lost by a hair in 2016.

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In front of sympathizers gathered on the tarmac of an airport in Manchester, he assured to be certain of winning on November 3. “Does anyone have any doubts?” He called to white-hot supporters.

It would mean that “I would have lost against someone with a low IQ.” I don’t want that, ”the billionaire insisted about Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The message is now known: the president has already hammered it out Thursday evening by accepting the nomination for the election in a controversial speech delivered from the White House – which none of his predecessors had dared to do.

After the conventions, Trump and Biden return to the campaign trail

“No one will be safe in Biden’s America,” said Donald Trump, 74, as the conservative camp denounces the violence that has punctuated the movement of historic anger against racism and police brutality, revived by a new apparent burr in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

A vaccine before the poll?

The former real estate magnate has promised to “defend the American way of life” of which the 77-year-old Democratic candidate would instead be the gravedigger.

Depicted as a puppet of the “radical left”, the former vice-president of Barack Obama was the omnipresent target of the outgoing president and his allies throughout the Republican convention.

But Donald Trump, who ensures that the polls are wrong as before his surprise victory four years ago, also seems to be betting on another asset: the possible announcement of a vaccine against Covid-19 before the poll.

“We will produce a vaccine before the end of the year, and maybe even sooner!” Assured the 45th President of the United States, whose management of the health crisis coupled with a historic economic crisis is however strongly critiqued.

After the conventions, Trump and Biden return to the campaign trail

“Superpropagator event”

Eager to turn the page of the coronavirus which has plagued a hitherto flourishing American economy, depriving it of its main electoral argument, the ex-New York businessman continues to mock his rival, nicknamed “Sleeping Joe », For having remained strictly confined to his home in Delaware for more than two months in the spring, before leaving only in an extremely limited way.

Criticized by Republicans for protecting a less dynamic candidate known for his blunders, this strategy has so far benefited Joe Biden, ahead of seven to eight points on average in national polls but also leading in most of the countries. Key states.

Insisting on his own spirit of responsibility, staged last week at the fully virtual Democratic convention, Joe Biden challenged Donald Trump on Twitter on Friday.

“Mr. President, Americans are canceling weddings and having funerals without families. They make sacrifices so that other Americans don’t die. Instead of leading by example, you have hosted a superpropagator event, ”he wrote, referring to Thursday’s reception in the gardens of the White House, without much physical distancing and with few masks.

But the veteran of politics may in the long run give way to criticism, as when he avoided going to Wisconsin, where a victory will be crucial on November 3, even though it was theoretically the scene of the convention of his party.

He created a surprise by announcing Thursday that he would resume his field campaign in the key states in person.

“I will travel across the country, where it will be possible to do so while respecting the sanitary rules”, he declared, referring to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania or even Arizona – states that ‘he has to win to beat Donald Trump. “But we’re going to do it in a way that’s totally responsible, unlike what this guy is doing,” Joe Biden said of the president-candidate.

While Donald Trump intends to further accelerate by the first debate between the two men, September 29, the resumption of travel by Joe Biden will however be at his own pace: after Labor Day, the American Labor Day, which falls this year September 7.

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