What Is Academic Writing? Types Of Academic Writing

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Academic writing is considered a formal style of writing used in colleges and scholarly publications. It is beneficial for students to learn academic writing because it helps them think precisely and critically while conducting complex ideas in a well-organized and concise format. Your academic writing should be focused, brief, precise, structured, and sustained by the evidence.

Academic writing aims to help the reader’s understanding. It has a formal tone and style. Academic writing is not as complicated as it seems, and it does not require lengthy sentences and complex vocabulary. If you want in depth knowledge of academic writing and its proper structure you can avail of our Academic essay writing service from our official website. 


Academic writing should include communicating your ideas in acknowledgment of what your teacher said. The purpose of performing academic writing is to determine that you have an in-depth knowledge of a particular topic. Every subject discipline has specific writing rules, vocabulary, and conversation types that will be familiar to you throughout your degree. It follows a similar writing process as other types of texts, but it has definite rules in terms of content, formation, and style. 

Understanding the 4 Types of Academic Writing

There are four main types of academic writing are :

  • Descriptive: Definition and Characteristics
  • Persuasive: Convince With Strong Arguments
  •  Expository Academic
  • Narrative: Definition and Format


When you’re allotted to write a paper for school and university, your tutor expects you to keep one of the main academic types. You will be capable of using it when you have a better understanding of each type of characteristics, Here we will define the four main essay types of academic writing, which are as follows:-


1.   Descriptive  Academic Writing

Descriptive academic writing is defined by classifications of things, situations, persons, emotions, experiences, places, etc. You’re asked to analyze something and paint a picture in words.

The important thing to remember is that you should convey a deeper meaning of your given subject in this writing type.

2.   Persuasive (Argumentative) Writing

It is one of the most well-known styles of academic writing required mainly in schools. This type of writing assign to you by the professor to check your competency how perfect you are as an academic writer. In this type, you need to research topics, develop your views, create supporting evidence to support the main idea, and influence the reader that you are developing a strong point.


Here is the basic structure for a persuasive writing paper:

  • Introduction with a sharply defined research statement
  • Body paragraphs with Supporting evidence
  • A body paragraph that presents contrary views
  • Conclusion

3.   Expository Academic writing

The expository writing style is considered the most confusing style of academic writing, it involves studying an idea, gather and estimate evidence that supports the idea, express it, and give an argument related to that idea. It is quite similar to persuasive styles, but it includes less research than persuasive, and also shorter in length as contrasted to persuasive writing.

This is the proper format to follow:

  • An introductory paragraph with a precise research statement
  • The Body paragraphs that assess evidence
  • The conclusion that proves your thesis statement

4.  Narrative Writing

It is also considered a demanding style of academic writings, in which you need to describe a story on your personal experience, incident, or a real-life situation. In this type, you should focus on providing an informative narrative.

In order to write a narrative assignment, your point of view should be clear and concise which must draw the reader into the content. There is no specific format available to write this type, you still need to follow a basic structure like Introduction, body, and conclusion. In your academics, you’ll deal with all of the academic writing types sooner or later. Understanding the distinction between these types of academic writing helps you manage the challenge.


Tips On Academic Writing

Here are some things to remember about academic writing.


Academic writing requires proper planning; you need to create a plan before writing to make your paper well organized and effective.


Before you begin writing an essay, it is necessary to organize your thoughts. Note down what’s already have in your mind, then write the title at the top. Giving spaces under each idea allows you to enter smaller ideas supporting the main idea. It helps you observe connections and links between ideas more precisely to write an organized essay.


Your language should be clear and convincing. You can use the thesaurus tool, which helps you pick precise words to explain the issues.



Your point of view should be clear that your reader can easily understand what you want to say, and it should be based on the facts, not support an opinion.


Here in this article, you will find a complete knowledge of academic writings and their way to write. If you still get stuck in writing an academic paper, you can take help by applying our best paper writing service. Our experts will help you to provide complete knowledge and provide you with the best academic writing.




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