Germany: Radical restrictions on contacts until January 17

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The federal states have agreed on further measures to combat the pandemic ahead of a conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel scheduled for Wednesday. According to media reports, the weakening of the introduced partial quarantine is not expected. On the contrary, judging by the resolution, which is the basis for discussion on Wednesday, the federal states are in favor of the extension and tightening of restrictive measures from December 1.

At Christmas, most likely, indulgences will be taken and the holiday can be spent in a small group. But whether they will be allowed to gather a group of friends on New Year’s Eve remains a controversial issue.

The restrictive measures introduced in early November are planned to be extended until December 20. Thus, restaurants, cinemas, fitness studios, swimming pools, entertainment centers will have to remain closed. From December 1 to January 17 – with the suspension of rules for Christmas and possibly the beginning of the year – private gatherings will be limited to members of two households and a maximum of five people. Children under 14 years old are not considered.

For the period from 21 to 27 December, it is planned to allow people from more than two households to meet. It has not yet been decided whether the number of people will be limited to five or ten persons. After the Christmas and New Year holidays, it is recommended to stay in quarantine for a few days.

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