What absolutely cannot be done on November 25, on John the Merciful

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The Patriarch of Alexandria, St. John the Merciful, lived in Cyprus in the 6th century. He considered the main business of his life to be helping everyone in need.

On this Wednesday, the Orthodox honor the memory of the Patriarch of Alexandria Ivan the Merciful. Having received power, John numbered all the poor and divided his property among them. Weekly, the patriarch distributed alms and received those in need, for which he received his nickname.

Folk omens for November 25

The people believed that on this day one should not move and go on long trips. This can bring on illness or bring unforeseen expenses, signs say.

It is strictly forbidden to overeat on this day, otherwise you can attract failures in life and lose health, the ancestors believed.

The Day of Remembrance of St. John should be spent like a patron: be merciful to your neighbor and try to help those in need.

Name days are celebrated on November 25 Ivan, Karina, Lev, Nikolay and Savva.

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