Biden shares plans for the first 100 days of his presidency

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden revealed what he plans to do during his first 100 days as head of state.

Thus, the democrat intends to carry out immigration reform, as well as cancel a number of decrees of the incumbent President Donald Trump on the environment, which, in his opinion, have worsened the ecological situation in the country.

“I will send an immigration bill to the United States Senate that will allow more than 11 million unregistered people in America to obtain citizenship,” he said in an interview with NBC, published Wednesday, November 25.

In addition, Biden intends to provide assistance to the state authorities that have suffered from the pandemic, “immediate assistance”, but did not specify exactly how he plans to do this.

The Democrat also noted that he does not plan to initiate an investigation against Trump after he came to power.

“I will not do what this president is doing and use the Justice Department as a vehicle to insist that something has happened,” he said.

The day before, Biden presented his candidates for key posts in the new American administration.

General elections were held in the United States on November 3. According to media reports, Biden is ahead of Trump in terms of the number of popular votes and the number of electoral votes. The democrat himself has already announced his victory in the elections. Trump refused to admit defeat, and his headquarters filed several lawsuits demanding verification of the voting process or recounts in several states.

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