We don’t need a foreign WORD! Kostroma officials switch to domestic software

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Information has leaked to the Kostroma media that officials of the regional and city administrations are busy with another important task – replacing the usual office suite of programs from Microsoft with its domestic analogue “R7-Office”.

This event is not God knows what, if only because many users have long preferred to use free analogs of Microsoft Office 365 – for example, LibreOffice or OrenOffice …

However, this reinstallation of unpretentious, in general, text editors is presented as a very important matter – the execution of an order back in 2018, which was given by the then Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and demanded the transfer of all government agencies to use domestic software.

Then, however, a problem arose – the software was by no means reduced to office editor programs, and in order to switch to a domestic system similar to Windows, you first need to develop this system. But … something about such is still not heard (although attempts to develop it based on Linux were made).

Although it is possible that it is already ready – and will soon be introduced everywhere and forcibly. And so that officials do not grumble, they plan to replace software together with computers; they say that new system blocks are already being purchased for the needs of the administrations. The replacement is supposed to be carried out within 2 years. And old computers … maybe they will be sold to the public at a discount?

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