HOW TO View instagram stories With six Tools – A Complete Guide

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By Harmony Alex

Instagram is particularly significant. Instagram provides us with the beautiful opportunity to stay connected with our dear friends, share our life’s precious moments, and even showcase and advance our entrepreneurial pursuits. Despite its benefits, managing an Instagram account can take time and effort, especially when analyzing data and maintaining privacy. 

In addition, It is imperative to utilize the available tools to simplify these tasks. Access to tools and platforms that augment the user experience and offer valuable insights is crucial in the ever-changing social media landscape. These tools help to know how to view Instagram stories. Furthermore, Among these are offering a range of innovative applications. These tools are Inflact,  InstaNavigation, IGAnony, IGLookup, SmiHu, and PICUKI.

6 Best Instagram Story Viewers

In this article, we will explore five popular Instagram tools: Inflact, InstaNavigation, IGAnony, IGLookup, SmiHu, and PICUKI, all of which contribute to enhancing the Instagram experience for users.

  1. Inflact

In fact is a platform designed to help users improve their Instagram marketing by providing various tools for enhancing engagement, managing accounts, and gaining followers. With Inflact, you can automate tasks like post liking, user following, and comment responding. In addition, Inflact provides advanced targeting options which allow users to concentrate on particular demographics or niches.

In addition, Inflect is a tool that offers detailed analytics to help users track their growth, engagement rates, and content performance on Instagram. It has a user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a valuable asset for businesses and individuals who want to improve their Instagram marketing tactics.


  1. InstaNavigation

InstaNavigation is a comprehensive Instagram management tool that streamlines handling multiple accounts. With InstaNavigation, users can effortlessly switch between accounts, saving time and energy. To View instagram stories, the platform also facilitates simple scheduling and publication of posts, eliminating the need for manual posting.

 Furthermore, InstaNavigation provides analytics and insights for efficient Instagram account management, perfect for businesses and individuals with multiple accounts.


  1. IGAnony

In the modern era, protecting one’s digital privacy is very important. To safeguard users’ identities on Instagram, IGAnony provides a solution. IGAnony allows users to use Instagram anonymously, ensuring that their identities remain privateThe tools tool lets users view posts, stories, and profiles without leaving any evidence behind.

Moreover, this feature is handy for people who want to conduct research, discreetly explore content, or maintain anonymity on the platform. IGAnony empowers users to navigate Instagram without compromising their privacy.


  1. IGLookup

IGLookup is a tool that provides insightful analytics for Instagram profiles. It can generate a detailed report by simply entering an Instagram username, which includes valuable information such as follower demographics, engagement rates, and popular content. 

Furthermore, This knowledge holds immense value for businesses and influencers aiming to gain a deeper understanding of their audience, crafting content that genuinely connects. IGLookup is a valuable companion, empowering users to make informed choices based on data and fine-tune their Instagram strategies to achieve the highest impact.


  1. SmiHu

SmiHu offers a range of intelligent tools that aim to improve the Instagram experience. Users can benefit from features such as an image and video downloader, a hashtag generator, and a caption editor. The image and video downloader lets users save media directly from Instagram to their devices. 

Moreover, Need help finding hashtags that will increase your post’s visibility? The hashtag generator can assist! Additionally, if you need help creating an engaging caption, the caption editor provides unique suggestions and ideas. SmiHu is a flexible tool that offers convenience and creativity to all Instagram users.



Picuki is a free online service that lets you view Instagram posts without using the Instagram app. It also features an online image editor and video downloader that allow you to edit or download Instagram images and videos.

Furthermore, Unlike the previously mentioned scenario, Instagram needs to improve user-friendliness. Its most evident drawback is that it restricts users from accessing content without logging into an account.


Pros And Cons of Using These Tools:

Here are the pros and cons of using these tools step by step: 



  • Achieving more significant interaction and expanding your following.
  • Advanced targeting options for specific audiences.
  • Detailed analytics for tracking growth and content performance.


  • Automated actions may lead to inauthentic interactions.
  • It is essential to use your account with care to avoid the possibility of it being suspended.



  • Efficient management of multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Simplified scheduling and publishing of posts.
  • Gain valuable insights and analytics to enhance your account management effectiveness.


  • It may require a learning curve for new users.
  • Limited features compared to all-in-one social media management tools.



  • Anonymously explore content and profiles on Instagram.
  • Safeguarded privacy for discreet interactions.
  • Ideal for research and maintaining anonymity.


  • They have limited interaction capabilities due to anonymity.
  • It may provide a partial and immersive Instagram experience.



  • Valuable insights into follower demographics and engagement rates.
  • Data-driven decisions for optimizing content strategies.
  • Enhanced understanding of audience behavior.


  • It should be noted that the available features are primarily focused on analytics and insights, with limited additional functionality.
  • Reliance on external tools for content creation and engagement.



  • Effortlessly save media with our image and video downloader.
  • Hashtag generator for improved post visibility.
  • Here are some creative caption suggestions to help you create engaging content.


  • Some features may be available in other tools or manually.
  • It is possible that relying on external devices may be necessary for comprehensive management.



  • View Instagram posts without using the app.
  • Online image editor and video downloader for media editing.
  • Convenient for quick viewing and downloading.


  • The tool’s functionality could be improved when compared to specialized tools.
  • It may offer more than comprehensive management features.


In today’s Instagram-centric world, managing accounts, analyzing data, and maintaining privacy can be daunting. However, with the emergence of powerful tools like Inflact, InstaNavigation, IGAnony, IGLookup, SmiHu, and PICUKI. Instagram users can streamline their efforts, gain valuable insights, and protect their privacy. Moreover, whether you’re a marketer, influencer, or casual user, these tools provide distinctive benefits for an enhanced and delightful Instagram experience. Embrace these tools’ capabilities and unleash your Instagram journey’s complete potential.