Vice-President of the Guild of Russian Producers died in Crimea

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Vice-President of the Guild of Producers of Russia Viktor Glukhov died in Crimea. This was reported by Interfax on 7 August.

“He went to Novy Svet, followed the Golitsyn Trail tourist route. At the time of photographing, he could not resist and fell off the edge of a cliff, received injuries incompatible with life, ”a source in the emergency services of the region told the agency.

The guild of producers confirmed the death of Glukhov, specifying that he had come to Crimea to participate in a youth forum.

Viktor Glukhov – producer, vice-president of the Guild of Producers of Russia, honorary filmmaker of the Russian Federation, honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation. In 1992 he founded the Slovo production company.

Since 1993 he is the vice president of IMT (Italian Mosfilm Tecnica – rental of the latest camera and lighting equipment).

He held the position of Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Cinematography, then – Head of the Department of State Regulation and Development of Cinematography of the Cinematography Service of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Since 2001, he was the General Director of OJSC Russian Kinoprokat. Among the films that he produced are “Ninth Company”, “Love in Russian”, “Tumbler” and others.

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