In Melenki, the court fined a man for providing illegal horse riding services

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In Melenki, a court sentenced a 57-year-old resident of Moscow. The man was found guilty of providing services that did not meet the requirements of the safety of life and health of consumers.

Having a house in the village of Starinki, the man kept horses in the subsidiary farm. At some point, he began to provide services in the form of riding animals, charging citizens for 600 rubles per hour.

So, in the summer of 2019, a man provided a horse named Zabar for a 24-year-old resident of St. Petersburg to ride. However, during rolling, the animal changed its course and speed and did not respond to the commands to stop. As a result, the girl could not stay in the saddle and fell. In the fall, she suffered a complex leg fracture, and therefore required long-term treatment.

According to the press service of the regional Investigative Committee, after the incident, the man did not stop illegal activities. And already in the autumn of the same year, law enforcement agencies recorded another fact of providing a citizen with a service that did not meet security requirements.

The court sentenced the man to a fine of 15 thousand rubles.

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