Velikie Luki vandals attacked the new dinopark

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Velikie Luki vandals attacked the city’s new dinopark on Lovati, which is still preparing to open. Photo-proofs of new adventures of curious townspeople have appeared in the community “Overheard by Velikiye Luki”.

Previously, the residents of the big crowd crowded around the fence and trampled down the recently planted lawn, and now they even tried to rip off the mesh blocking the view or “dig holes” in it and see what the builders were doing.

“Tell me, what is it called? Where is the culture of our people? And laughter and sin … Or is it the dinosaurs tore? ” – asked the author of the photos.

In an interview with the Pskovskaya Lenta Novosti correspondent, the head of the AIK investment company, which is engaged in the reconstruction of the park, Alexander Terentyev said that it was not the first time that the construction fencing was being torn by the residents of the great river.

“There are already a lot of such holes around the perimeter. People climbed both over the net and under the net. And they were sincerely perplexed when the guards asked them to leave the construction site. And now it really is a construction site, since work is still underway here. Some even climbed onto dinosaur figures, although they were not designed for this, ”he complained.

According to him, the vandals will not have long to “have fun”. In the near future, the mesh fence around the entire perimeter will be replaced with a wooden one. Now the boards are painted and dried for him.

“But we understand that, relatively speaking, we will not be able to put a policeman with a truncheon at each lamp post. And we, on the contrary, want to create an environment where people do not want to break something, rub or scratch somewhere, ”said the head of the contractor and added that they hope for the conscientiousness of the townspeople.

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