Velikie Luki doctors may face severe punishment for the death of a patient

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The leadership of the Velikie Luki Interdistrict Hospital can expect a severe punishment for the death of a patient, if the guilt of the doctors is confirmed. The Governor of the Pskov Region Mikhail Vedernikov told about this in his weekly video message to the residents of the region, published on Instagram.

He said that in the outgoing week, he received an appeal with requests to help a great lover who was hospitalized with heart pains. A person familiar with the situation reported that the medical staff could not correctly diagnose the disease for four days. The patient, meanwhile, was getting worse.

“By the time I got the appeal, too much time had passed,” noted Mikhail Vedernikov, and then added that it was possible to quickly agree on the transportation of the patient to the capital. There he was supposed to be operated on. But the great man died before this happened.

Against this background, the head of the region did not rule out the possibility of a medical error and said that an official check would be carried out upon the death of a man in a health care institution in Velikie Luki.

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