Valuable Tips To Get Teaching Jobs In Abroad

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Worried about getting teaching jobs abroad? Well, there is a lot saying that people who are non-native have to face a lot of problems in getting international jobs. The most common reason for this poor profile built, which does not attract the schools hiring. Also, to expand your growth internationally you need to have the best skills and certifications, which are all provided by various platforms. Even if you have already prepared well, sometimes you might not get selected, there can be a lot of reasons. Don’t worry, you have landed just at the right place. Here, we have some important tips for you to get the best international jobs abroad.


One thing that can’t be emphasised enough is that you should join teacher training courses for teaching abroad and get personal mentors and guidance from worldwide international experts.

Top tips for teaching jobs in abroad


Well before jumping over the tips, think about why you want to teach abroad, what type of position and what all things will be required, which degree, which exam you need to give, and what all you need to do. Well, if you are aware of all this now, it’s time to move a step forward and get your dream international job. Even if you are well prepared with everything, you will still need a few things to prepare for, which all will be covered here. So, let’s look at some important tips that you will need for getting a successful job abroad.


Tip 1: Deciding country, the location where you want to teach


Well, there are several international countries and locations where there is a need for teachers. Depending on the courses like in some countries there is much scope of science teachers, while in some there is more requirement for English teachers and so on.  So, deciding a country falls as the first and foremost important decision. So, the tip is to look at which country has the highest need for your course and your skills. Well, you can choose as per your choice, which country fascinates you. The choice of type of school, college, and institutions is also important. So, you need to make up your mind what exactly you want to do, from where and how.

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Tip 2: Building a proper and attractive resume/CV


A a resume that is unattractive and takes forever for an interviewer is a difficult task, especially when you are applying for international schools is wrong.  The reason being different formats, length, details, and much more. So, you need to know everything before you start writing your resume so that you don’t make any mistakes. Once the country is finalised location is decided then look for the specific format they follow.

Well, there are some common things other than the format that you should take care of while writing the resume. Like,


  • Make bullet points
  • Add everything about skills, prior experience, education.
  • Make sure to use a professional approach in writing.
  • Also, don’t forget to check grammar mistakes and spellings
  • Easily readable


So that you don’t give the interviewer any chance to deselect you.


Tip 3: Financial Management


Managing your finances is a lot more important than anything else. When you are reallocating to a new country there are a lot of things that need your expenses and especially when you are shifting abroad your expenses will change as per the location that you choose. That place might be cheaper or might be  expensive. Well, finances can also lead to a change in the decision of location, as it highly impacts it.


You need to save your finances for your food, bills, housing, flights, fees, and much more. Also, you need to get one month of your expenses handy, as you won’t get the salary as and when you go. So, get a little prepared with your finances and manage them effectively.


Tip 4: Be ready with your documents


When you are applying for your new and first international job, you need to be ready with all the documents that are necessary, like personal documents, 12th mark sheet, 10th mark sheet and college documents, your passport, resume, and much more. Well, also when you are selected and are planning to fly, keep all your basic documents handy so that you can get them easily whenever you need them.


Tip 5: Accepting new job offer


Well, whenever you are accepting your job offer there are some important things that you need to consider and look into, like pay, job requirements, and much more. Also, read job letters and other documented texts from the schools very carefully so that you don’t miss out on anything and don’t fall into any trouble.


Some most important things that you need to consider are-


  • Working conditions, hours of work, days of work,holidays, and much more related to working.
  • What all subjects you will be teaching at this job and how long you are going to teach.
  • Paying and other benefits, what salary they are offering and what are the other benefits like tax saving, bonus, incentives, rewards, health benefits, and much more.
  • Ask if they are going to provide you with accommodation or not and other things like food. Also, discuss that they are going to reimburse for the expenses of home and food. If they are saying no then you can bargain for the salary increase, depending on their terms and conditions of payments and reimbursements.

Some important teacher training courses for teaching abroad

Well, here are some important courses at Suraasa that you can look at and join to upgrade your skills and get your first international job.


  • Boosting Employability
  • Pedagogy teacher standards
  • TET preparation
  • UAE moral education programme
  • Rayan group- pedagogy crash course


With these tips and training courses, you will certainly get a teaching job in your favourite country.