VSI Effective Tips to Revise the Complete CA Intermediate Syllabus

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Going through the entire CA Intermediate syllabus only once and revising it for one time only will never help you gain good marks. This is why revisions are very important when it comes to clearing tough exams like CA Intermediate. You cannot crack this exam without 3-4 revisions.

But the major problem is that students fail to revise the complete CA Inter syllabus even for 1 time. As the CA Inter May 2022 exams are just 2 months away, we are getting a lot of requests on how to revise the CA Intermediate syllabus? Hence, this article is an all-in-one solution for all your problems and difficulties regarding the revisions of the CA Intermediate Syllabus 2022.

Here, we will discuss some clever revision tips by VSI Jaipur Institute to cover the Inter syllabus. Giving you some insights about VSI Jaipur, it offers the best CA Intermediate classes all over India. It has 5 All India 1st Rank in the CA Intermediate and IPCC results. Moreover, in Dec 2021 result, VSI students Nikita Tinker got AIR 7 with other 6 students who got AIR under 50.

CA Intermediate Rankers Dec 2021

So, let’s check out the crucial part of your CA Inter preparation strategy i.e., revising the syllabus.

VSI Revision Tips for the CA Intermediate Syllabus

1. Plan the Revisions for the CA Inter Syllabus

VSI Jaipur suggests the students to pre-plan their revisions for the CA Inter subjects at least three times. As per VSI, weekly, monthly, and daily revisions should be on the target list of the students. In this way, they can do effective revisions without wasting more time.

2. Make a target of Initial and Final Revision

The one-time revision will never help in the CA Intermediate exam. So, to make your revision plans more effective set the targets for initial and final revisions. Moreover, this will make sure that you are deviating from the CA Inter preparation strategy.

3. Specify the Timings for Each Revision

It is obvious that all the CA Intermediate subjects do not require the same amount of time to revise. Some subjects need more time and some will need lesser time. So divide proper hours for all the different subjects so that you do not waste your time. VSI suggests that in the revision timetable, the students also specifies the proper time division for revisions of the CA Inter syllabus 2022.

4. Take help from the Online Resources while revision Inter Syllabus

Online resources are evil and bliss at the same time, provided you know how to use them. VSI suggests the students refer to the online resources available for the CA Intermediate course. This can tell you the updated news and something very interesting or the short tricks to make your revisions and the CA Intermediate preparation easier.

5. Decide the Books that have to be Revised

VSI suggests its students to focus on a single book for revisions since going for multiple books might confuse them and eat up your time. So, as a CA Intermediate candidate, the students must have selected one book for revisions and completed the entire revision dedicatedly from that source.

6. Start revising the Easier Topics First

Starting with the more accessible topic helps the students to cover a maximum number of topics in less time, as suggested by VSI. Once you have covered the maximum topics from the syllabus, you are relaxed and get more time to revise the tough topics. Moreover, it will also boost your confidence.

Why Do Students Prefer VSI Jaipur CA Inter Classes?

VSI Jaipur has always secured the best results and excellent pass percentages in the last many years. This sequence of successful results by VSI Jaipur has made it one of the trustworthy institutes for the CA Intermediate Course.

Even in the CA Intermediate result of December 2021, VSI secured AIR 7 with seven students securing rank in the top 50. Now let’s check out how VSI Jaipur is getting such amazing results,

VSI Completes the CA Intermediate Syllabus on Time

VSI targets to complete the entire CA Inter Syllabus on time, i.e., within five months. For this, the entire syllabus is divided in such an order that the chapters weighing high marks but covering less portion are completed at first. And then other chapters are taught.

CA Intermediate Students Get Personalized Guidance

Personalized Guidance helps the VSI students to overcome their drawbacks. On the basis of the proper analysis of the entire Mock test answer sheet of all the students, the teachers make a report. This personalized report generally includes those topics on which the students should focus more. In this way, personalized guidance helps students to complete their entire syllabus.

Frequent Mock Test for CA Inter Students

VSI Jaipur conducts almost three sets of test series for all eight subjects of CA Intermediate. These tests are conducted frequently so that the students go on the revision of the Intermediate syllabus. The Mock test questions are formed as per the ICAI previous years and cover the entire CA Inter syllabus. As a result, preparing for the VSI mock tests also helps the students in revisions.

High-quality Study Materials for the Intermediate students of VSI

VSI Jaipur also provides the students with their study modules. These materials for the Intermediate course are different for all the papers. These are formed as per the latest syllabus released by the ICAI. It also follows the chronology of ICAI study materials but is written in much simpler and understandable language.


Hence, you now have a better idea of how to revise the CA Intermediate syllabus 2022 and get the best results. So, if you want to achieve high marks in the exams, then start now by preparing the timetable for the revisions.

These revision tips by VSI Jaipur has done amazingly well for the other students also and helped them in getting 15-20 more marks in the main CA Intermediate exams. So, resume your CA Intermediate preparation and all the best for the exams.