Best Accessories Items Under 100 to Shop Now

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When it comes to stylish accessories, don’t go for less. From fun necklaces to statement earrings, trendy belts to bags and tech gadgets that are simply on-point, we’ve got you covered with our pick of the best accessories under $100 that you should have.

No matter what kind of accessory you’re looking for or how much money you want to spend on it, there’s something out there for everyone – so let these picks serve as some inspiration!

Best Accessories Items Under 100

Fashion for men has always been the best way to keep up with trends and if you’re not careful about updating your wardrobe regularly, your better pieces might get out of style if you don’t have a budget.

Although it may be hard to resist buying a different accessory every time you go shopping, it’s better to have a small collection that you can turn to when you’re in need of something special for a particular outfit. To cover all, we can recommend you JustUnder100 as they have covered almost everything that you need in your daily life.

If you’re thinking about updating your look, start with adding a few new pieces – from big purses and trendy belts to sassy scarves and cute earrings – so check out our list below for some ideas on how to buy accessories under 100 dollars!


You might think that watches aren’t a thing anymore now that we have so many other ways of telling the time – from cell phones to Apple Watches – but that’s not entirely true!

Although their main purpose is to tell the time, watches have definitely evolved into a fashion accessory over the years and there are plenty of stylish options out there.

How big or small your watch is totally depends on what you’re planning on wearing it with, so if you want something delicate for casual outfits, go for a sleek one with a narrow strap.  And if you tend to wear more gold jewelry during the day, opt for a rose-gold watch in order to keep things chic and simple.

Tech Accessories

Just like any other accessory in your closet, tech gadgets need to match the rest of your style if you don’t want them standing out in an unpleasant way.

Nowadays there are so many different types of accessories out there, from headphones to phone cases and even tablet covers, that you can easily find something for you!

Although it’s not necessary, adding a few cute tech accessories to your look is always fun – especially if they have the same prints as your favorite pair of shoes or your new purse!  It’s better to dress them up with colorful outfits instead of neutral ones though.

Statement Earrings

There are many ways to make a statement, but statement earrings might be the easiest one.

Although it’s not recommended to wear them every day, having pairs in different shapes and sizes will help you pull off totally unique looks without putting too much effort into it.

Statement necklaces can get overwhelming if you try pairing them with too many patterns or accessories at once, but that doesn’t mean that they have to stay as your nighttime pieces – just don’t commit to wearing them with more than two items from now on!  If these aren’t enough for you, check out our list of over-the-top statement jewelry .

Cute Scarves

There no rule saying that scarves can only be worn during the cold seasons, so don’t hesitate to get one for your next hot summer vacation!

Apart from being immensely stylish and warm, they’re also a fun way of adding little pops of color to your outfits – especially if you have a pretty busy schedule.

If you want to keep things casual at work, go for a simple pattern while if you plan on going out after dark with friends, try choosing a vibrant print that matches the rest of your outfit.  And no matter how boringly plain or loud-printed your scarves are, remember that their main purpose is keeping you warm instead of making a fashion statement, so avoid pairing them with too much glitz and glam!


In a world where clothes are constantly changing, belts have managed to remain a staple accessory for every single wardrobe – and it’s easy to see why!

From thick wide ones that work perfectly with high-waisted pants and skirts to thin metal chains that you can wear around your waist or hips, everyone needs a few belts of different styles.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color as well, playing with neutrals or going all out with bright reds or fluorescent pinks if that feels right for you!  Just remember not to wear too many accessories at once… otherwise things might get a little bit excessive.

Final Verdict

Although fashion is all about experimenting, you shouldn’t rush things or try too many pieces at once.

Just remember that there’s no magic number of accessories you should own and the only way to find out what really works for you is by trying new styles one-by-one!  There are so many different pieces out there that it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed at first, but if you take your time and focus on quality instead of quantity, soon enough you’ll be able to create incredible looks.