Valeria’s match turned out to be bankrupt with multimillion-dollar debts

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Only recently the noise around the marriage of the youngest son of the singer Valeria Arseny Shulgin to his pregnant girlfriend Liana Volkova has subsided, so a new scandal occurred again. The girl’s mother Vera Volkova, a businesswoman and a former Moscow City Duma deputy, turned out not to be a rich mother-in-law, but a bankrupt with multimillion-dollar debts.

According to Express Gazeta, before his marriage to Liana, the son of the star had been dating model Anna Sheridan for many years. Therefore, the wedding was explained by the bride’s wealthy family and her position. The size of Volkova’s creditors’ claims included in the register, according to the financial manager’s report, amounted to 104,024,634 rubles, the newspaper reports. The article also notes that Vera Volkova lost almost all her property – he was arrested. She saved Mercedes for 5 million rubles, rewriting to relatives. But this did not bring happiness either – last year Liana and Arseny got into a terrible accident on it.

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