US government on alert after reports of cyberattacks

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WASHINGTON | The US government said on Sunday it was mobilized after press reports of computer attacks backed by a foreign government that targeted the Treasury and at least one other federal agency in the United States.

These hackers have had access, sometimes for several months, to the internal mail of the Treasury Department and the National Telecommunications Administration (NTIA), according to this information, which does not specify which foreign government could be at the origin of these. intrusions.

“The US government is aware of this information and is taking all necessary steps to identify and resolve any potential issues related to this situation,” White House National Security Council spokesperson John Ullyot said.

He did not confirm the scale of the attack or reports that it may have targeted other government agencies.

On Tuesday, it was the American computer security company FireEye, usually called to the rescue by customers during cyberattacks, which admitted to having itself been the object of a highly complex hack, of which it also suspects a State of being at the origin.

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