US election: Trump considered replacing justice minister

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Donald Trump has considered replacing Justice Minister Jeffrey Rosen with a ministry lawyer who allegedly helped force Georgia officials to overturn the election results in that state, US newspapers said on Friday. evening.

According to New York TimesTrump only gave up on his plan when he learned that top Justice Department officials would resign en masse if he followed through on his plan.

This information, which is also reported by the Washington post, comes just over two weeks before Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate. The latter is accused of having encouraged his supporters to launch an assault on the Capitol on January 6, when the elected representatives of Congress certified the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, in the presidential election.

Trump narrowly lost Georgia to Biden in the November presidential election, in a vote he claimed was baseless to be rigged.

According to U.S. newspapers, Trump has grown increasingly frustrated with Rosen’s refusal to use the power of the Department of Justice to interfere with the vote count.

He is said to have worked out a plan with Jeffrey Clark, a Justice Department attorney who backed his claims that his election victory was stolen, to give him the job of Rosen.

But, in a three-hour ordeal involving the three men, Trump is said to have finally backed down, under threat of massive resignations from the Department of Justice, writes The New York Times.

Clark categorically denied devising a plan to oust Rosen.

As for Trump, Rosen and the US Department of Justice, they have not publicly responded to claims published in the press.

In early January, the publication of an audio recording, in which President Trump is heard asking a Georgia official to “find” votes to reverse the presidential election result in that state, had already sent shock waves through Washington. .

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