US counterintelligence announced attempts by Russia and China to influence the elections

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The director of the US National Center for Counterintelligence and Security, William Evanina, said that Russia, China, Iran are trying to influence the US presidential elections.

At the same time, according to him, Russia is using a number of measures to primarily denigrate former Vice President Biden and support President Donald Trump. Evanina believes that Russia is behind Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach, who circulated the phone record defaming Biden.

China, in his opinion, on the contrary, does not want Trump’s re-election, since it considers him unpredictable.

Iran also, according to Evanin, does not want Trump’s re-election, as he believes that in this case the pressure on Iran will continue. This country, the head of counterintelligence believes, can spread disinformation on social networks.

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