Unsafe places for credit card payments named

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Alexey Sizov, head of the anti-fraud department of the Center for Applied Security Systems of Jet Infosystems, spoke about dangerous places for payment by bank card.

The expert is sure that the only danger is still the Network, where card data is often phished. Sizov pointed out to the Prime agency that there are often fake sites through which, under the guise of paying for goods or services, as well as entering the personal account of the bank, money is stolen from the card. These sites are as similar to the original as possible, and their speed of appearance makes it difficult to block them by the relevant departments.

To avoid big losses, Sizov recommends getting a separate card for online purchases with a separate account. When it becomes necessary to order something via the Internet, you need to transfer the amount necessary for the purchase to it. Also, you should not make large purchases in unverified places and on sites with a bad reputation.

Now scammers find their victims on classified sites as well. Thus, a 44-year-old resident of Magadan filed a fraud announcement with the police. According to police, the scammers called on the man’s announcement about the sale of car wheels. They said that they were buying goods and had allegedly transferred the full prepayment via the Internet service. To receive this money, the author of the ad was offered to follow a special link. There the man entered the details of his card – number, expiration date and three-digit code on the back. As a result, the victim lost 10 thousand rubles.

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