Experts estimate the cost of preparing a child for school

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The enrollment of a schoolchild by September 1 this year can cost Russian parents an average of 3,180 rubles. We are talking about sports and school uniforms, a knapsack and a pencil case, say the experts of the service for posting Avito ads.

According to them, a school uniform will cost an average of 1,060 rubles, a satchel costs about 1,150 rubles. In addition, a sports uniform will cost an average of 640 rubles, a pencil case – 330 rubles, reports RIA Novosti.

However, an expanded set of goods for study – taking into account subjects in case of need for distance learning – will cost significantly more. The cost of such a kit “Avito” estimates a little more than 20 thousand rubles.

This set also includes a laptop and a computer chair.

“Such a set of goods has risen in price by 6% compared to the eve of September 1, 2019 – a year ago, parents could spend about 19 thousand rubles on it,” the service said.

According to the company, the most expensive school fees will cost parents from Kazan – more than 32 thousand rubles for a complete set for online and offline education. The cost of a complete set for study in Nizhny Novgorod is estimated at 26 thousand rubles, in Moscow – at 24 thousand.

“The cheapest preparation for school is in Togliatti (16 thousand rubles), Ulyanovsk (17.6 thousand rubles) and Saratov (17.6 thousand rubles),” the experts calculated.

Earlier, on August 6, it was reported that the all-Russian test works, which are necessary to control the knowledge of schoolchildren acquired during distance learning, are planned to be held from September 14 to October 12.

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