Ukrainians warned about the rise in sugar and bread prices

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In Ukraine, a sharp rise in prices for sugar and wheat is expected in the near future. This was announced on December 24 at a press conference by the head of the Union of Ukrainian Peasantry Ivan Tomich.

The sugar situation, he said, is due to several factors. This is primarily due to the low production of this product. Thus, the country produces a little over a million tons of sugar with consumption within the limits of one and a half million tons.

“Plus export. There is an increase in sugar prices in Europe and America. And here we have no opportunity to import sugar. The situation will develop, the price will rise. Sugar will be number one until the new harvest, “PolitNavigator quotes Tomich as saying.

The rise in prices will also affect wheat products, the expert noted. In particular, we are talking about flour from which bakery products and pasta are made. According to the head of the Union of Ukrainian Peasantry, the cost of grain has already doubled since the beginning of the harvest, and this trend will continue.

In early June, prices for fruits and berries in Ukraine reached a historic high. It is noted that the cost has risen, despite the drop in the level of income of the population due to the crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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