Ukrainian journalist suggested attacking Russia with nuclear waste

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Ukraine can create missiles with nuclear waste if it needs to defend itself against Russia, journalist Maxim Kukhar told UkrLife.

According to him, Kiev can use such weapons “in case of war.” He believes that about 500 old Soviet missiles can be filled with nuclear waste.

The journalist noted that the likelihood of such a development of events is growing every day.

Kukhar also named other ways to counter the Russian threat. In particular, he announced the possibility of creating ten thousand short- and medium-range cruise missiles, but this will require tens of billions of dollars.

“No Russia will attack us, because President (Vladimir) Zelensky will have a button that sends all of Russia to the Middle Ages,” the journalist said.

In addition, he admitted that Ukraine will strengthen the army, or join the coalitions against Russia.

However, the journalist did not take into account that the nuclear arsenal, which Kiev inherited from the USSR, was eliminated in accordance with the 1994 treaty.

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