Ukrainian basketball player Sergei Myasoedov dies at the age of 26

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In Ukraine, basketball player Sergei Myasoedov died at the age of 26, according to the website of the country’s Basketball Federation on Friday, August 7.

“Sergey Myasoedov, a dunker and basketball player of the Higher League, has passed away. For over two months he fought for life in the hospital. The doctors did everything possible to save the basketball player, but the exhausted body could not stand it, ”the Federation said.

In May, the athlete fell off his bike, after which he turned to doctors with a complaint of pain in the clavicle. In the medical institution, he became worse, and he lost consciousness, after which he fell into a coma. Later he was diagnosed with a head injury, writes

Myasoedov was a multiple participant and winner in slam dunk competitions, took part in the Super League All-Star Game. He played for the teams “Zaporozhye-2”, “Ivansport” and “Metallurg”.

It is noted that on August 9, the basketball player’s comrades will hold a dunk competition in memory of Myasoyedov.

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