Two more covid foci in the Pskov region ceased to be active

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Two more covid foci have ceased to be active. Roskomnadzor also removed x from control. This was reported in the official Telegram channel. We are talking about the Porkhovsky RES branch of the power grid company and the Pervomaisky neuropsychiatric boarding school, where outbreaks of coronavirus were previously recorded.

In total, there are six active covid foci in the region: at the Porkhovsky butter and cheese factory, in the Khilovo sanatorium, the Dnovsky psycho-neurological boarding school, the Svyatogorsky monastery, the Spaso-Eleazarovsky nunnery and the Pavsky boarding house for the elderly and disabled.

Note that since the beginning of the epidemic in the Pskov region, 26,757 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been recorded.

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