Twitter considers Trump’s post on coronavirus “misleading”

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The Twitter administration found that the post of US President Donald Trump that he developed immunity to the coronavirus violated the Network’s ban on the dissemination of misleading information about the infection.

The day before, Trump wrote in Twitterthat he has developed immunity to coronavirus infection and cannot transmit the virus.

A few hours later, Trump’s post was added with a message from the administration that the tweet “violated Twitter’s rules on disseminating misleading and potentially harmful information regarding COVID-19.”

At the same time, the administration did not block the post of the American leader “in the public interest.”

The day before, Trump’s physician Sean Conley said that the president, who had had a coronavirus infection, was no longer contagious.

On October 9, Trump passed a second test for a new type of coronavirus. The President noted that “is either at the bottom of the scale or free of the virus.”

The American leader announced on October 2 that he was diagnosed with COVID-19. On the same day, he was hospitalized with mild symptoms at the Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital. The coronavirus was also confirmed in his wife Melania. On October 5, he was discharged from the hospital. It was reported that Trump will continue treatment at home, at his residence.

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