Turkey told about the fate of “all inclusive”

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The head of the Union of Tour Operators of Turkey spoke about the fate of the all-inclusive system in 2021. The system will remain practically unchanged, but it will leave covid restrictions, Izvestia TV channel reports.

Tour operators assure that the adjustments made to the tourist service system, which mainly relate to the distribution of food and drinks, did not affect its quality.

For example, according to the new rules, tourists are not allowed to take food from buffets themselves, the whole catering is open from 10:00 to 20:00, the rest of the time you can order food delivery to your room.

“All inclusive” in its previous form is promised to be restored after the end of the pandemic.

The Izvestia TV channel is available in the packages of cable operators; in Moscow it is located on the 26th button. The channel is also broadcast live on the iz.ru website.

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