Trump threatened to release his CBS interview before airing “for accuracy”

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US President Donald Trump is considering whether to publish his interview with CBS before it goes live. He intends to do this “for the sake of greater accuracy.”

“I am pleased to announce that in order to keep the reporting accurate, I am considering posting my interview with Leslie Stall from 60 Minutes before airing! This will be done so that everyone can get an idea of ​​what a false and biased interview is, “the head of state wrote in his Twitter… At the same time, Trump suggested comparing “this terrible election invasion” with the recent interviews of “sleepy Joe Biden.”

CBS 60 Minutes, featuring the American leader, is set to air this coming Sunday.

Earlier, the media, citing sources, reported that during the recording of the interview on Tuesday, Trump interrupted it and said that there was already enough material for the program.

On October 20, Trump accused US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden of lying and playing dirty politics. According to him, Biden is much worse than the presidential candidate in the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton, because she “was much smarter than Biden.”

The Trump-Biden Debate will take place on October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee. They will last an hour and a half without a break for advertising. Each topic will have 15 minutes. Opponents will have two minutes for the moderator’s response, during which the microphone of the other participant will be muted, the remaining time on the topic will be devoted to answering replies or answering additional questions.

The US elections will be held on November 3.

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