Gunzburg named drinks that interfere with the production of antibodies to COVID

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The developer of the coronavirus vaccine has listed groups of people who have poor antibody production after vaccination.

According to the head of the Gamaleya Center Alexander Gintsburg, alcohol has a bad effect on the body’s reaction.

– Any alcoholic beverages interfere with the production of antibodies after the introduction of the vaccine, – quotes Gunzburg “Interfax”. – Those who are going to be vaccinated need an anti-alcohol campaign. Alcohol is toxic to any multiplying cell.

According to the scientist, you can drink half a glass of strong alcoholic drink every day and “feel good”, but the immune system will react negatively to this.

In addition, according to the expert, older people over 80 years old, whose enzymes work worse, do not respond well to antikusoid vaccination.

Note, in the Volgograd region The first volunteers have already received the coronavirus vaccine. First of all, doctors and representatives of other professions from risk groups will be vaccinated: teachers, law enforcement officers, social workers.

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