Trump says he will leave the White House if Biden’s victory is confirmed

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US President Donald Trump said Thursday that he would leave the White House “of course” if Joe Biden’s presidential victory was officially confirmed, while reiterating that he might not admit his own defeat.

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Asked if he would leave the White House in the event of a college vote confirming the Democrat’s victory, the Republican said, “Of course I will. And you know it ”.

But “if they do, they would be making a mistake,” and “it will be something very hard to accept,” he added. “There was massive fraud,” he said once again of the election result, without providing any evidence.

This is the first time that Donald Trump has answered questions from journalists since the November 3 election. Since that date, he has insisted that the election had been rigged, and increased the number of legal proceedings in several states, all rejected.

During his press briefing on Thursday, the Thanksgiving holiday, Mr. Trump said that the electoral infrastructure of the United States was “like a third world country.”

On Wednesday, the outgoing president launched to his supporters: “We must reverse this election”. The Democrats “cheated. It was a fraudulent ballot ”.

President-elect Joe Biden said almost simultaneously from his home town of Wilmington, Delaware: “In America we have free and fair elections, and we respect the results. The inhabitants and the laws of this country will not accept anything else ”.

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