Trump is ‘cruel’ and ‘liar’, sister says in secret recording

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US President Donald Trump is a “cruel”, “liar” and devoid of principle, according to his sister, whose secretly recorded words were reported on Saturday by the Washington post.

Maryanne Trump Barry notably attacked the migration policy put in place by the president, which led to the separation of children and their parents at the border and their sending to detention centers.

“All he wants is to please his electoral base”, according to these records, which the American daily has obtained. “He has no principle. No”.

“His damn tweets and his lies, oh my god,” she added.

The recordings are the work of the president’s niece, Mary Trump, who also recently published a book denouncing “the toxic family” from which he came.

Robert Trump, younger brother of the president who died last week, had unsuccessfully taken legal action to try to prevent the publication of the book. Some 950,000 copies had been sold from day one. The White House denounced him as “lying”.

“This is the fallacy of it all. Falsehood and this cruelty. Donald is cruel, ”says Trump Barry to his niece in the recording.

She further claims that the billionaire cheated in college contests, an allegation also present in Mary Trump’s book. “He entered the University of Pennsylvania because he gave the exams to someone else,” she said, indicating that she remembered the person’s name.

Neither the president nor the White House commented immediately.

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