Travelers gave advice to reduce baggage weight at the airport

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Travelers shared life hacks with the British Daily Express on how to reduce the weight of a suitcase.

First of all, in their opinion, it is necessary to get rid of jeans, overalls, jackets and shirts. Experienced tourists consider these things “unnecessary”. If it is necessary to take any of the above on a trip, passengers were advised to wear such a thing on themselves during the flight. These items of clothing are too heavy and take up a lot of space to carry in your luggage.

In addition, you should not bring bulky toiletries, such as a hairdryer, which will most likely be in your hotel room.

Also, one of the interlocutors of the publication urged to carefully plan your wardrobe. In particular, it is worth bringing clothes of “basic” colors (black, white, gray, beige), and also try to reduce the number of pairs of shoes.

On July 25, it was reported that the flight attendants were told how to behave on the plane so that in the event of an emergency on board, they have a better chance of survival. According to them, passengers should be careful.

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