Trade Museum will open in Tyumen

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A trade museum will be opened in the building of the Central Department Store in Tyumen. The idea is based on a unique collection of exhibits collected by the employees of the central department store, which dates back to the Soviet period.

As the author of the concept of the new museum, Doctor of Sociological Sciences Evgeny Akulich told, Tyumen has always been famous for its trade. The most famous people of the first Siberian city were representatives of this particular class. However, with all the wealth and modern level of development of trade in Tyumen there is no museum dedicated to its history.

It is planned to involve state and private museums, as well as individual collectors, in the preparation of the expositions.

Natalya Osintseva, a member of the regional Public Chamber, Honored Trade Worker of Russia, said that the founders of the museum decided to make a start from the history of the Bazaar Square, which was the center of the city’s trading life.

In future exhibitions, they will focus on interactive. For example, museum visitors will have the opportunity to work at the cash register of the mid-twentieth century or try on a seller’s costume.

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