Home Improvement : A Simple Guide To Keep Your Home Safe & Virus Free

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Home isn’t just a roof over the head where people connected by blood reside. It’s a personal refuge and retreat where people find solace from the urban hush-rush. For many, home is their temple, while for others, it’s the place to foster deeper connections with those who matter to us. When a place means so much to so many people, it becomes imperative that it is kept safe and sacred.


However, many of you believe that the inside home environment is healthy as compared to the outer environment and just regular brooming and mopping is enough. Well, to your dismay, it’s not. Your home is as polluted as the atmosphere outside your home. Your home can be or is a breeding ground for viruses and germs.


With the COVID-19 Pandemic in its active mode, the need for keeping your house germ free has never felt more important. Right? The deadly virus spreads from contact and touching the contaminated surfaces, so your house should be disinfected properly and frequently to keep yourself and your family members untouched from the menace of CoronaVirus. According to Praveen Gupta, Director and Head Neurology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute in New Delhi, says “ all surfaces should be cleaned routinely with soap and other disinfectants to make the house coronavirus free.”


Apart from cleaning the surfaces, door handles, knobs, switches, cellphones, gadgets, faucets should be disinfected or sanitized regularly. Even the decor pieces or Laxmi Ganesh murti in your temple should also be cleaned because while praying; you may touch them. Also, Gupta says, make sure you do not clean any of the object, artefact, or thing with bare hands; gloves are necessary and should be disposed of off once the cleaning is done.


All the store-bought vegetables, fruits, and other items should be disinfected by vegetable and fruit cleaners or keep them soaked in the water of salt and baking soda for a while. Then, take them outspread on the dining table and leave them there for a while. The shopping bag used to bring things either should be cleaned or should be left untouched outside the home or in the corner of the home for at least 24-48 hours. Also, it is advisable not to bring your outside shoes inside the homes. They may be the carrier of germs and viruses. Remove them outside. If at all, carry them in your hands inside the home and leave for one day in sunlight. Immediately after returning from outside, wash your hands and feet properly or take a shower, that would be the best. Do not touch anything until you clean your hands and yourself.


Another crucial thing to be kept in mind for making your home virus-free is to order Gift For Sister from a store offering contactless delivery. Once the gift is dropped at your doorstep, sanitize and then touch it. Do not hold the packet in your mouth or touch the face with your hands. Go cashless to avoid any contact with the delivery boy. Give the same instructions to your sister and everyone in your house to protect them from being infected.


Not only you have to protect your family members from getting infected, but also save your furry friends from meeting and playing with other people. Disinfect everything you touch and wash your hands frequently.

Apart from keeping home Coronavirus and bacteria-free, you need to keep it safe from unwanted intruders, thieves, and other theft practices. Safety of your loved ones is as crucial as keeping them in a state of well-being.


Secure your main door with a smart lock that is not easily accessible to all. On the other hand, all other doors in your home should be locked when you leave your house or otherwise. At night, do check all the locks and bolts whether they are fastened properly or not. In case of any fault, get it repaired immediately. Get installed a video doorbell to boost security. A video doorbell lets you see the face of the person standing at the door, so you can recognize and then open your gateways to them. Additionally, keep your home under surveillance by installing video cameras at places in case of any emergency.


If at your home; you have glass windows or slider windows, then let us tell you intruders love them. To keep the home safe, have a high-tech solution like a glass-break alert or door sensor to alert you when any foreign person tries to enter the house. Synchronize the system with your mobile device so even on the go; you get regular alerts and updates. Reinforce the glasses with security film and add window bars. Do not keep the windows open unnecessarily as it gives a sneak peek into the house. Keep your valuables in a safe with a strong password combination. Eliminate hiding places so that no one can hide and attack you.


Then, you also need digital protection. Yes, your home wifi connection is a gateway to your personal and financial security. If you use home automation, it could make your home vulnerable to a break-in. If your wifi is connected to your gadget, it could give access to criminals to your home. Therefore, secure your router, enable WPA encryption, rename and hide your home network, use a firewall, install antivirus and antimalware protection, and create strong passwords.


With due diligence and carefulness, you can keep your home safe and virus-free. For the love of your family members, read this carefully to know how to minimize the risk of getting infected or being robbed. Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!


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