Tourism in the South Kuriles will be raised by investors

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The tourist cluster “South Kuriles” is focused on the islands of Kunashir and Shikotan. Currently, work is underway to find and attract potential investors for the development of the tourism industry in these territories. The possibilities of the islands are wide: 19 objects of tourist display, seven specially protected natural areas, four volcanoes, famous thermal springs, hiking routes. In 2019, about six thousand tourists visited here, and there are plans to bring this figure to 30 thousand people. But for this it is necessary to establish an infrastructure that is not yet able to handle the current number of guests. All hope is for investors, with their help it will be possible to build recreation areas, base camps, observation decks, equip tourist trails and other objects.
Two regional projects have already entered the top 30 of the federal competition for the development of ecotourism. It remains to be in the top ten.

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