Top 10 things Volgograd residents decided to do before the new year

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According to the service for finding a high-paying job, the first on this list are the tasks of buying gifts, losing weight and finishing repairs.

The Russians and, of course, Volgograd residents have listed the cases that they plan to have time to bring to an end by 2021.

A total of 1,600 people took part in the survey.

12% of respondents named the most important task to buy New Year’s gifts. In second place is to complete the renovation (6%).

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In third place (4%) are those wishing to decorate the house, finish cleaning, and devote time to loved ones. On the fourth – to go to the doctor – 3%. They are followed by those wishing to just relax with a dream – 3%. Only 2% of the respondents planned for themselves to prepare for the New Year celebrations: they want to have time to buy food, try new recipes.

2% dream of entering 2021 without debt and closing loans, as well as paying taxes and housing and communal services, and another 2% want to urgently lose weight and fit into a New Year’s outfit.

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