Tights Or Stockings Which Is Better?

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Give an unambiguous answer to the question: “What is better tight or stockings?” – Probably as difficult as to say which was the first chicken or egg. Any clothing should be appropriate. The choice often depends on the situation, on the event, on the feeling of comfort, or, on the contrary, the desire to look spectacular no matter what…

An equally important role in the choice is played by the features of the figure and individual prejudices. We present to you the advantageous sides of women stockings and tights, and you can give the answer to the question yourself – in terms of information, your desires and preferences.

Advantages of stockings over tights 

There is nothing sexier than stockings. Stockings have an incredible aphrodisiac effect. If you want to add sparkle to intimate relationships – stockings are your choice. By the way, it is not necessary to buy new sexy underwear, sometimes it is enough to add a couple of fishnet stockings in your wardrobe purchased from fishnet stockings supplier.

Stockings give a woman a special charm and glamorous look. In stockings, a woman feels confident and relaxed. Tights, unfortunately, do not have this effect.

At a wedding, most brides prefer white lace stockings over tights. It’s more sexy and practical.

Stockings, unlike tights, do not need to be removed when visiting the ladies’ room. In addition to taking off the tights, then you need to take time to put them in order. In the case of stockings, no worries.

The stockings do not slip and fit tightly on the leg. Tights have to be tightened from time to time, while each time creating the danger of making a puff or worse, letting the arrow go. Stockings are less troublesome than tights.

Stockings are a great alternative to match the office dress code especially for plus size women who want to get the desired shape of their legs and feel comfortable on a hot summer day. There are a number of options for plus size stockings UK, checkout them online and buy one today. 

And one more bonus. In the case of a puff or arrow, the tights have to be thrown away. If one stocking breaks, it is enough to replace it with a new one. This bonus is valid if you have at least 2 pairs of identical stockings

Advantages of tights over stockings

Stockings cannot compete with sexy tights during the cold season. Beauty is a terrible force, the main thing is not to let it take over your mind. Take care of yourself and don’t wear stockings when it’s cold outside.

Dresses that are too short, shorts, mini-skirts with stockings are not an option. Under the stockings, you can wear clothes with a length at least below mid-thigh. It is considered bad form when the lace of the stockings peeks out from under the clothes. Thus, the stockings limit the length of the clothes and this is another drawback.

Tights and women’s stockings can have a compression effect. But, in tights, unlike stockings, not only the area from the calf to the middle of the thigh is pulled down. Tights with a modeling effect or shaping inserts correct the most problematic areas – the abdomen, waist, buttocks and thighs. If you want to model your figure, turn your gaze towards the shaping tights.

I hope our tips will help you with your choice. Ideally, every woman’s wardrobe should have both tights and stockings.