Tips to Choosing Between a New and Old Golf Course Mower

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A mower is the primary requirement of every golf course for maintenance purposes. Turf occupies almost half of the area in a golf course and it needs to be in a uniform state in all areas including tee box, fairway, greens and rough. Without proper maintenance, a golf course cannot serve the purpose of game play. Also, the overall appealing look of a golf course mainly depends on the proficiency of a golf course mower. In order to maintain the turf of a golf course, you need three or four different types of mowers in both reel and rotary categories. They are as expensive as a small hatchback car. Therefore, the market of used golf course mowers is also rising nowadays. They are affordable but reliability is the biggest concern to consider. Let me clarify whether you need a used or new mowing equipment for maintaining turf in a golf course.

Advantages of Buying a New Turf Mower

First of all, let’s elaborate on the benefits of buying brand new equipment for mowing. New models of mowers come with latest designs and engine efficiencies to deliver the excellent results. Below are some points indicating their significance in detail:- 

  • You will get product warranty from the manufacturer against any technical fault. Top brands such as JohnDeere offer up to 3 years of warranty. In case you are not satisfied with the efficiency, they also provide the option of returning back within 30 days of purchase. 
  • Top golf mower manufacturer brands also provide on-site warranty so that you don’t have to struggle with finding a service center. Transportation of heavy mowers is a big headache. 
  • Latest models come with improvised features that can be comfortable seating arrangement, better blade design and engine capacity etc. 

For all these features, you have to pay probably twice as compared to the used golf course mowers. Investing in a used model can also be a wise decision if you consider some important tips as we are mentioning below. 

Tips to Buy a Used Golf Course Mowing Equipment 

  • Do some research on the top trending models of all brands online. In every category, there are some popular models known for their excellent efficiency. Search them on the websites of used equipment suppliers. 
  • Sites offering used golf course mowers for sale must be certified and licensed for doing this business. Get a referral from someone in your contacts list if possible. 
  • Only target the latest models available on their websites or mobile apps. Even in great condition, old models cannot meet the efficiency of new designs. 
  • Never buy any product without a warranty card. All reliable used golf course mowers suppliers provide a warranty card for quality assurance. Make sure that the warranty is providing coverage against all technical faults. 

Read the terms and conditions carefully before buying a used equipment. Compare the price of a used and new equipment. If there is not a substantial difference, go with the option of a new one.