Final Fantasy Series Beginner&Event Tips

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In this passage you will learn some tips of FFXIV and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Let’s talk about the highly anticipated sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake first. Both new players and veterans who’ve either played the original or the remake versions would be pleased to know that Square Enix has incorporated many changes in the game to provide a unique experience. U7buy is a trusted website where you can buy FFXIV Gil, as well as more game items, ensuring a reliable and secure transaction experience for gamers.

However, with the number of changes in this new entry, the progression would be smooth sailing for all. If you are looking to get a headstart in your journey in FFVII, continue reading as we’ll give you a rundown of some of the important tips you need to keep in mind when jumping to this game.

4) Explore Everything

This goes without saying: Make sure to thoroughly explore the world of FFVII Rebirth. This rule universally applies to all RPG games. While the game does follow a fixed main story, the world is very much open, and you are given the complete freedom to explore and immerse yourself in the characters and vibrant world. The game is jampacked with over 100 hours’ worth of content and gameplay waiting for you to explore. You can choose to explore the world, take down bosses or engage in various minigames scattered around the map.

A standout feature of Final Fantasy Rebirth is the zone control they’ve administered. This means you won’t find the same enemy type being recycled in different zones. As you explore you’ll come across new enemies, challenges and treasures waiting for you.

Apart from cracking open treasure chests and taking down enemies, there is plenty of loot scattered around the map in breakable boxes and barrels just lying around. Therefore, when you are plundering in any section on the map, make sure to flip (destroy) any box you find to earn loot.

3) Play Strategically

In a game like FFVII Rebirth, you won’t go far by simply button-mashing. This is because the game’s combat system is designed around players using strategy and synergies to overcome all the challenges it presents, instead of brute force. Synergies in this game are very important as they provide additional effects to abilities and are indicated by the black and white dual rectangle symbol beside them. These synergies are achieved when two party members have enough battle commands alongside each other. There are different synergies in the game like your MP being limitless or enemies around you being staggered for longer durations.

 To build synergies you need to work with all three characters in your party and have them progress alongside your character. We are not saying that you need to keep all characters progressing together at the same pace, we are saying that you should make sure the characters don’t lag behind too far. To make sure all your characters progress you should cycle them after using their ATB. This will allow you to use a larger of abilities and deal with your enemies at a faster rate.

2) Make Sure to Assess Your Enemies

In Final Fantasy VII, one of the first Materia you receive in the Assess Materia. While this item is not designed to give you any sort of stat boost or buff, it comes equipped with one of the most important skills in the game: the ability to assess the enemy’s weaknesses, resistances, and immunities. This ability will allow you to come prepared for any encounter you want to take on and stay clear of enemies that you won’t be able to beat. Therefore, you should always use Assess on enemies before engaging in battle. Using the Assess Materia also builds towards one of Chadley’s easily overlooked VR combat courses, which gives you access to new Enemy Materia skills.

1) Utilize Stagger and Pressurize on Enemies

One of the important mechanics you need to familiarize yourself with is the ability to stagger and pressurize enemies. This is important for boss fights especially as some of the bosses you’ll find will have enormous health bars. When you are able to exploit a boss’ weakness or deal a massive amount of damage to an enemy, their pressure bard rises a bit. Once the bar becomes full, your target will become staggered. In this state, your target will be quite vulnerable and unable to fend for themselves. This is a big cue for you to deal as much damage as you can without fear of retaliation. Pair this up with some cool synergies and won’t have trouble in any boss fight.

After learn about the tips of Final Fantasy VII Remake them turn to the FFXIV. Final Fantasy XIV includes magnificent FFXIV mounts that allow you to roam across the game world while displaying the achievements and awards you have earned. This year’s Final Fantasy 14 Little Ladies’ Day and Hatching-tide seasonal events have been combined into a single limited-time event. There is only one reward for this event: a spectacular Peatie Horn (a Goobbue with a flower crown). Although unlocking Peatie will not be as impressive as taking down a Savage raid with your best buddies, it is an excellent Final Fantasy XIV mount to add to your growing collection.

This event will run until April 1, 2024, at 7:59 a.m. PDT/14:59 GMT. Make sure to complete the seasonal missions before then, as they cannot be turned in after that time. Here’s all you need to know about the event, including how to earn the new FFXIV mount.

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How to get the Peatie FFXIV mount

To obtain the FFXIV Peatie Mount, you must complete a few quests with basic tasks. The first step to getting Peatie is participating in the Little Ladies’ Day and Hatching-tide 2024 event in Final Fantasy XIV. Here is the complete breakdown of the required quests

The Princesses And The Eggs Seasonal Quest

The first quest to complete is ‘The Princesses and the Eggs’ Seasonal Quest. You can begin this quest by talking with Jihli Aliapoh at (X:10.2, Y:9.4) in Old Gridania.

After a brief cutscene, travel to (X22.4, Y23.1:) is the Central Shroud (Bentbranch Meadows is the nearest Aetheryte) or speak with Aldemund. After the cut scene talk to him again.

While atop Peatie, perform the Egg Surprise action on the following NPCs:

●Enthused Man – (X: 22.0, Y: 22.7)

●Curious Lass – (X=21.8, Y=21.9)

●Chocobokeep – (X=20.6, Y=21.8)

Return to Aldemund at (X22.4, Y23.1:) to finish the quest; you still need to FFXIV mounts unlock.

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FFXIV Peatie In Pink Seasonal Quest

The quest continues with a visit to Final Fantasy 14’s city of Ul’dah, which serves as the setting for Peatie’s major performance. Speak with the Royal Seneschal at (X:10.5, Y:8.7) to begin the “Peatie in Pink” quest. He asks you to do something similar to what you did in Gridania: promote the upcoming show.

The Royal Seneschal requests that you visit the Steps of Thal and speak with the city’s people, assuring them that the event is a must-see and that the Goobbue will not cause any issues. You’ll need to discover and talk to these three NPCs:

●Distracted Citizen (X: 13.7, Y: 9.7)

●Elegant Citizen (X: 14.2; Y: 11.0)

●Nonchalant Citizen (X:11.2, Y: 11.4)

After that, travel to the Destination mark (X:10.4, Y:8.4) to watch the show.

Finally, to finish the mission and get your rewards, speak with the Royal Seneschal at (X:10.7, Y:8.2). You’ll obtain the Peatie Horn and complete the ‘She’s Goobbue and She’s Grace’ achievement