Thousands of anti-racism protesters take to the streets of Washington

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On Friday, August 28, thousands of protesters gathered at the memorial to the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln in Washington. The demonstration is timed to coincide with the 57th anniversary of the march in the American capital, led by black human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Martin Luther King.

US residents filled the entire space around the rectangular pond in front of the memorial. Activists began to speak from the steps of the building where King himself had made a speech at one time. After that, the protesters went to the King’s memorial.

The march’s slogan was “Get your knee off my neck”, which is a reference to the police killing black George Floyd during his arrest. This incident led to massive protests across the country.

Protest actions take place in other parts of the capital, in particular, about 200 people gathered in front of the US Department of Justice.

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