These 3 products will help you get younger than your peers

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Food and diet strongly affect how we feel, as well as our health and aging process.

You can include only three products in the menu and seem to look 10 years younger. It is best to eat these foods daily, but be sure to consult your doctor first.

The first product is avocado, which is rich in many vitamins and trace elements, contains a lot of antioxidants, accelerates the skin regeneration process, and this has a very serious effect on the appearance.

The second products on the anti-aging list are olive oil, which should be used not only in the preparation of hot dishes, but also for salads, and even in pure form no more than a teaspoon per day.

The last important staple in the diet for retention of youth is oily fish such as salmon and tuna. It is a source of fatty acids, and they help cell regeneration, prevent oxidative processes in the body.

This note is for informational purposes only. For detailed nutritional advice, contact your dietitian.

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