The Victory Museum organized an online excursion about Soviet aircraft during the war

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For the Day of the Air Force, the Victory Museum organized an online tour dedicated to Soviet aircraft during the war. This was announced on Wednesday, August 12, by the city news agency “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the institution.

Guests of the virtual excursion will find a video story about Soviet planes, which you can watch on the museum’s YouTube channel. The spectators were also invited to the open area of ​​military equipment.

Web users will be able to view the aircraft presented, and the guide will tell you about the design solutions and features of fighters and bombers.

The audience will learn why they made a model of a machine gun out of plywood on the Il-2, why the Germans called the regiment of female U-2 crews “night witches”, which plane became the prototype of the legendary U-2 and how it was converted into a bomber during the war years. In addition, the guide will tell you about how the war in Spain contributed to the creation of a half-plane DI-6SH, hear the story of the SU-2.

Air Force Day is celebrated in Russia on August 12.

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