The verdict passed to the Russian hacker Andrey Tyurin

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Manhattan federal court sentenced the extraordinarily productive self-taught hacker Andrei Tyurin, who received 12 years in prison. Judge Laura Taylor Swain must also determine the amount of compensation due to victims, including the huge US bank JPMorgan Chase. According to the investigation, Tyurin stole the personal data of more than 80 million clients of the bank, which appeared in the indictment document as Victim # 1.

The prosecutor’s office is demanding that the 37-year-old Muscovite pay more than $ 19 million.

Tyurin, who rummaged through other people’s computers from 2007 to July 2015, made a total of about this amount, although his defender Florian Midel said that he received only around 5 million in his hands. The rest of the money remained with his employer, tel- Aviv citizen Gehry Shalon, who invested them.

The prosecutor’s office called Tyurin a partner of Shalon, who has Georgian, Russian and Israeli citizenship. The lawyer of the Muscovite Midel argued that he was only an employee of Shalon and therefore bears much less responsibility for the actions of their criminal group, for which Tyurin stole the personal data of about 138 million victims.

Chalon met him at one of the cyber-crime forums where he was looking for hackers. To begin with, Tyurin offered him 50 thousand e-mail addresses – using them, Chalon advertised his underground network casinos. Thanks to these addresses, the casino traffic has grown remarkably, and Chalon has believed in the talent of his new acquaintance.

This talent was evident to other cybercriminals as well, so Tyurin was in great demand. He ended up working for one Chalon, as it promised the biggest profits. He flew to him in Moscow, but he knew Tyurin only as Andrei. She did not know the surname of the Russian and the FBI, therefore, in the first indictment document in their case, opened in 2015, he appears at number 1.

At the end of July 2015, Shalon was arrested in his Tel Aviv, and the Americans received from their Israeli colleagues the computers and gadgets seized from him during a search. Examining their contents, the FBI stumbled upon a certain Shalon accomplice, studied their correspondence and, so it turned out, finally on Tyurin. He felt safe and somehow wrote to Chalon that if the police came to him in Moscow, they would only shake his hand.

But for every sage, simplicity is enough.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 3 dated January 15, 2021

Newspaper headline:
The verdict of the Russian hacker-record holder

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