The Russian government has simplified the rules for registering disability

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In Russia, the rules for registering disability have been simplified. The corresponding decree, signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, was published on the website of the Russian government on Saturday, November 28.

To establish or confirm disability, Russians need to undergo a medical and social examination, a referral to which is issued by a polyclinic with an indication of the results of medical examinations. If earlier in the direction all the necessary data were not indicated, then the citizen had to go to the clinic again to get them.

“Under the new rules, this will not have to be done. The specialists of the bureau of medical and social expertise will independently return the referral to the clinic indicating the missing information, ”the document says.

In this case, the return of referrals to the clinic should not take more than three working days. The clinic is given 14 days to respond.

The press service of the Russian government noted that the new rules will take effect after the cancellation of the temporary disability registration procedure introduced against the background of the spread of coronavirus infection, that is, after until March 1, 2021.

Now a disability can be assigned without a personal appeal of a citizen to the ITU bureau, and an already established one can be automatically extended for six months.

On November 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the share of employed people with disabilities should be doubled by 2025 – to 51%. According to him, today no more than 25% of all people of working age with disabilities work.

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