The Russian Embassy in the United States announced new details about the detained Russian

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The Russian embassy in the United States reported that they would soon contact Russian Yegor Kryuchkov, who was detained in Los Angeles. He is charged with organizing a conspiracy to commit a cybercrime. The Russian side will provide the man with the necessary consular and legal assistance.

“The embassy is aware of what happened. We will contact the Russian in the near future to clarify the essence of the problem,” said representatives of the diplomatic mission.

The US Department of Justice issued a communiqué, which indicated that 27-year-old Russian citizen Yegor Kryuchkov, together with his accomplices, tried to bribe an employee of an American company from July 15 to August 22, 2020. He was offered $ 1 million. The name of the company was not disclosed, it is only known that it is located in the state of Nevada. The purpose of the bribery was to entice a company employee to load malware onto a computer system. This would help hackers gain access to all of the organization’s resources. According to the investigation, Kryuchkov planned to blackmail the company, having acquired confidential information.

The US authorities noted that Kryuchkov arrived in the country on a tourist visa and immediately went to Nevada, where he came to the attention of the FBI. But then he moved to Los Angeles, where he was detained a couple of days later.

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