Russian and Syrian military set up a ferry across the Euphrates in Syria

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The Russian military, together with the Syrian army, have built a temporary bridge over the Euphrates River in the Deir ez-Zor province. This was announced on Tuesday, August 25, by the head of the ferry, Nikolai Glukhov.

According to him, the place of crossing the river in the province was chosen taking into account the depth and strength of the current.

“More than four and a half meters (depth) – this will already be a critical water level. That is, the pontoon may not stay on the water’s edge, it may simply be carried away or flooded, ”Glukhov noted.

After the crossing was established, the passage of military equipment under a smoke screen was worked out on it.

In parallel with the established permanent crossing on the Euphrates, there is also a temporary ferry. It is necessary during the rainy season, when the water level in the river may rise above critical.

Ferry drivers are trained by Russian specialists using equipment that was also brought from Russia.

In addition to military equipment, civilian vehicles, for example, trucks with trailers, also pass through the temporary crossing. All equipment – military and civilian – is carefully checked before entering a ferry or crossing.

On August 20, it was reported that Syria transferred additional territory and water area to Russia for the expansion of the Khmeimim airbase.

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