The Roscosmos enterprise has begun assembling a tram based on the Lego principle

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The Ust-Katavsky Carriage Works (part of Roscosmos) has begun assembling a five-section tram, which will be made according to the Lego design principle. This was announced on October 17 by Konstantin Kolomiets, Deputy Chief Designer for Civilian Products of the UKVZ R&D Department.

“It will be made on the principle of Lego cubes, that is, a section is assembled from small blocks at the beginning, and then the section is assembled into a carriage,” TASS said.

As Kolomiets noted, the production of tram parts has already begun. He stressed that according to this principle, it is possible to assemble not only a five-section, but also three or four-section trams. Kolomiets also said that more than 50% of the wagon was assembled with a completely low floor.

Earlier, on September 19, it became known about plans to test an unmanned tram in Moscow. According to the head of the Moscow Department of Transport, Maxim Liksutov, the city government will conduct testing in conjunction with Yandex.

It is noted that drones will help reduce congestion and improve road safety. In particular, they eliminate the human factor while driving, and this will prevent more than 70% of accidents.

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