The rest of August will be hot: forecasters told about the weather in Crimea

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On the last Sunday of August, as well as at the beginning of next week, dry and hot weather will remain in Crimea, in some places the thermometer will creep up to +34 degrees.

The official website of the regional Hydrometeorological Center informs about this.

Forecasters explain such temperature indicators and aridity by the field of increased atmospheric pressure, as well as by tropical air masses hanging over the peninsula. The wind will blow from the east with moderate strength.
At night, the thermometer will drop to + 14 … + 19 degrees (on the seaside up to +23), and in the daytime the air will be warmed up to + 29 … + 34 degrees, in the mountains it is traditionally slightly cooler: + 23 … + 28.

IN the Crimean capital this Sunday will be dry and a little cloudy, with an east wind of 8-13 m / s expected. At night: +15 … 17, and in the daytime the air will heat up to +31 … + 33 heat.

In the hero city Sevastopol precipitation is also not expected on this day. West wind of 5-10 m / s. At night in the region +16 … + 18, but in daylight weather forecasters promise here +28 … + 30 degrees of heat.
On the South Coast due to the proximity of the sea at night, the air will be warmer: +21 … + 23 above zero, but on the contrary it is cooler during the day: +29 … + 31. Wind speed and direction will remain unchanged – moderate, easterly.

IN Kerch today it is also dry, small clouds in the sky. The north-east wind will give way to the east one, the speed of which will be 11 m / s. At night hours + 16 … + 18, and in the afternoon the heat will be thirty degrees.

Forecasters warn: on the Crimean peninsula, in its eastern regions, as well as in the Sevastopol region, a fire hazardous period will be established.

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