California plans to create a commission to consider payments to descendants of slaves

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California state senators are planning to create a working group to provide advice on compensation to African-American descendants of slaves. Reported by the Associated Press, citing lawmakers.

It is noted that members of the California Senate on Saturday, August 29, supported the creation of such a commission, consisting of nine people, amid protests in the United States over the shooting of police officers in blacks.

The task force will be tasked with examining in detail the impact of slavery in California, as well as submitting recommendations to the Senate by July 2023 on how, in what form, and to whom compensation should be provided. It is planned that the commission should begin its work by June 2021.

The final vote on this issue has not yet taken place.

According to a poll published on June 20, the vast majority of US residents oppose compensation to African Americans for the slavery of their ancestors. 73% of the respondents disagree with the need for payments. About a quarter of those surveyed (26%) support the idea of ​​such compensation, and the overwhelming majority of them are black Americans. Earlier, US senators proposed recognizing June 19, the day of the abolition of slavery, a national holiday. Senators Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Tina Smith and Ed Markey, as well as Republican John Cornin, have come up with such an initiative.

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