The rector of the cathedral in Nice predicted a religious war

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The Orthodox Christians of Nice stand in solidarity with the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in the Notre Dame Basilica. Such attacks may be a harbinger of a serious religious war in Europe, says Father Andrei, the rector of the famous St. Nicholas Cathedral in Nice, which is located near the site of the tragedy.

According to the clergyman, the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad is blasphemy, and not a manifestation of freedom of speech, but this does not justify subsequent attacks and murders.

Father Andrei suggested that the attack on a priest in Lyon also became part of the same chain of manifestations of radical Islamism.

“I think this is another symbolic action aimed at intimidating Christians in France, an attempt to avenge them for a blasphemous story to which they have absolutely nothing to do … Of course, this is an absolutely monstrous act, an insane response to cartoons. It once again proves that France has serious problems with radical Islam, ”the rector said.

At the same time, he also condemned the actions of the French authorities. According to the clergyman, Paris defends blasphemous actions, considering them part of human rights and freedom of expression, but offending other people’s religious feelings is unacceptable.

“It seems to me that the latest terrorist attacks are the harbingers of some major religious war. Especially if the theme of cartoons – the right to blasphemy, to insult someone else’s religion – will continue to be actively pedaled, ”he said.

Father Andrei also told how Catholics and Christians reacted to the terrorist attacks, and what atmosphere prevails in Nice now.

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