The reasons for the serious condition of the singer Legkostupova became known

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The critical situation after the head injury by singer Valentina Legkostupova was due to a strong delay. REN TV channel presented new details of the tragedy.

According to preliminary data, the main version of the death of the artist is an accident. She fell easily at home and hit her head hard and was at home for at least two days without the help of doctors.

Presumably, the singer’s husband Yuri Firsov could not recognize the plight of Easystupova. This was done only by her daughter, who came to visit her mother, who did not answer calls. The spouses were immediately hospitalized in a drug treatment clinic, where the artist was found injured.

According to the TV channel, the woman fell into a coma and could not be saved, because by the time of hospitalization, Legkostupova’s head injury was inoperable. At the moment, law enforcement officers did not see a criminal component in the death of the artist.

The death of Valentina Legkostupova was reported on Friday, August 14, by her daughter Anetta Bril.

According to the girl, in early August she found her mother in a Moscow apartment. There were bruises on the woman’s body, Yuri Firsov was next to her. Bril called the doctors, who took her mother and stepfather to a drug treatment clinic. Subsequently, the husband fled, and the singer’s condition worsened.

As a result, Legkostupova was hospitalized in Moscow with a head injury on August 11. Doctors diagnosed her with cerebral edema, the artist was in a coma.

Law enforcement officers found Firsov and took him to the Department of Internal Affairs to establish the circumstances under which his wife received a head injury. The man lost consciousness after learning about the death of his wife, an ambulance was called for him.

The spouse called the incident an accident. According to him, his wife slipped and fell in the bathroom. He assures that he did not hit her, but said that for two weeks they drank a lot together.

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